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Oldenburg Measurement Applications - The Basis of All Modules

The " Oldenburg Measurement Applications " provide audiologists working in clinics, research and hearing care with an instrument that allows them to carry out important and new procedures in hearing diagnostics using a flexible and modular system. The range extends from the classic speech test and loudness scaling to speech audiometry procedures in quiet and in noise.

The speech audiometric procedures - GÖSA, OLSA, OLKISA, WAKO, OLKI and AAST - are characterized by high accuracy, phonetic balance, equivalent test lists and natural pronunciation. All test procedures are suitable for use in noise, so that they record the hearing ability of those affected in a situation that corresponds to the everyday demands on hearing.

The Oldenburg Measurement Applications are available both as a CE-certified medical product for use with a PC-controlled audiometer and as a research version (R&D) for use with a PC and sound card.

Brief description of all procedures Speech audiometry

OLSA – Oldenburg sentence test

Repeatable speech audiometry with complete sentences (OLSA).

Target groups: adults/CI use

MATRIX - International Matrix tests

Repeatable speech audiometry with complete sentences in 20 languages (MATRIX).
Target groups: Adults/CI user

OLKISA – simplified Matrix test

Reduced matrix test for children and adults (OLKISA)


Reduced international matrix tests for children and adults (SIMPLIFIED MATRIX)

GÖSA – Göttingen sentence test

Speech audiometry with everyday sentences (GÖSA)
Target group: Adults

WAKO – rhyme test

Speech audiometry with monosyllables for adults (WAKO)

OLKI – Oldenburg rhyme test for children

Child-friendly speech audiometry with words and pictures (OLKI)
Only in German
Target groups: children, especially of elementary class levels 1 to 4

AAST – Adaptive Auditory Speech test

Playful determination of the speech intelligibility threshold (AAST)
Target groups: children from 4 years

Audiometric procedures (without speech)

KLS – Adaptive categorial Loudness scaling

Psychoacoustical measurement for the assessment of the individual loudness perception (KLS)
Target group: Adults

mFAST – Multifrequency animal sound test

Playful determination of the hearing threshold (mFAST)

Target group: children from 3 years also with low word span

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