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Repeatable speech audiometry with complete sentences in 20 languages

International matrix tests have achieved wide recognition as speech testing procedures in noise for improved diagnostics and in the use of studies in the hearing technologies market. The international matrix tests are now available in 20 different languages, covering over 60% of the world's population.

The matrix tests are designed so that the test can be performed in the language of the patient or client even if the audiometrist does not speak that language. An automated process allows for accurate results - across all language barriers.

International studies also require the use of procedures whose results are comparable with each other. For this reason, special care was taken in the development of the international matrix tests to ensure that the test procedures in the various languages are highly comparable.

Available for the following languages:

Language CE F&E
English (UK)
English (US)


  • automatic, adaptive level control for speech recognition recognition threshold measurement
  • measurement of speech recognition thresholds between 20% and 80% intelligibility possible
  • high accuracy and comparability of measured values in different languages
  • measurement with continuous noise possible
  • measurement with response input by patient possible

Fields of application

  • Measurement of speech recognition threshold
  • Comparison of different measurement situations and hearing instrument settings due to very high accuracy
  • Studies with frequently repeated measurements
  • Measurements with CI users

Advantages of the matrix test

  • Use of whole sentences
  • Very high accuracy
  • Can be repeated as often as desired
  • Measurement in quiet or in noise

Under "R&D" you can download the R&D version of the measurement procedure and a free 30-day test license. The CE-certified version can be obtained from your audiometer manufacturer.

Sofware overview

Measurement dialog that is displayed at the start of a new measurement or at the selection of a saved or interrupted measurement.

Data area of the measurement
The middle area of the measurement dialog shows you the specific data for the current measurement.

The subsequent report displays a speech audiogram in which you can display results from several tests together.

Selection mask of the french matrix test with exemplary pre-selection of the patient/customer.

Selection mask of the hebrew matrix test with exemplary preselection of the patient/customer.

Selection mask of the arabic matrix test with exemplary preselection of the patient/customer.

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