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Online hearing test - test your speech understanding intelligibility in noise online

Do you know the problem of understanding conversations in noisy environments, such as at a party, in a crowded restaurant or in a busy marketplace? Test your speech intelligibility here for free.
The digit triplet test offers a simple and non-binding way to check the condition of your hearing within 2min. This screening procedure determines how well you can understand speech in noisy environments. The procedure does not replace a medical diagnosis, but tests your hearing in an everyday situation and can therefore give an indication of how well your hearing is doing.

During the test, an announcement and a random combination of three digits accompanied by a noise are presented several times. After the combination of digits is presented, you enter each of the three digits, that you have understand them, in the appropriate order using the numeric field on the screen. If you have not understood digit, you can either guess, or select the key with the question mark.


  • Use headphones for the test - if possible.
  • To perform the test, your browser must support JavaScript.
  • If you wear hearing aids, you should remove them for the test.
  • Choose a comfortable volume for the audio output. Perform the test in a quiet environment.
  • Speech and noise are presented in both ears.
  • You need a fast Internet connection for the test. If you hear short pauses in the sound output, then your Internet connection is not fast enough.
  • The test is only meaningful if you perform it in your native language or if you speak / understand the language of the test very well.

After the test, you will receive an assessment of how well you can understand speech in noise and suggestions for further steps.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:


Phone: +49 441 2172-200
fax: +49 441 2172-250

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