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Newborn hearing screening - early detection of hearing loss elementary task in preventive medicine

Only children who hear well can learn to speak without problems. In Germany, one to two out of every 1,000 children are born with severely impaired hearing. Early detection of hearing loss is one of the most important tasks of preventive medicine in early childhood. If the hearing impairment is detected at a very early stage, modern hearing aid technology and early intervention can make the child's start in life much easier.

Information for parents

Since 2009, parents are entitled to get a hearing test of their newborns. The earlier hearing loss is detected and treated, the better you can help the children.

Information for clinics

The screening center NHS Northwest ensures the goals of NHS through quality control follow-up of infants tested as "conspicuous." In addition to providing technical and scientific support to the maternity clinics and other facilities involved in the hearing screening program, this primarily includes "tracking" infants with missing or abnormal test results.

We would like to thank the supporters of the screening center NHS Northwest

Further information

Doctors for follow-up

Here you will find the lists of doctors for the follow-up examination for the newborn hearing screening:

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