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SoundMexPro is a professional toolbox for audio applications in MATLAB® and Octave.

SoundMexPro turns MATLAB® or Octave into a virtual sound studio and a "low-delay" signal processing engine. SoundMexPro supports an unlimited number of virtual audio tracks that can be mixed in real time to the channels of your sound card. In doing so, the use of the ASIO interface for output allows ultra-short latencies. You can apply real-time signal processing to all audio tracks or output channels using either the built-in MATLAB® script plug-ins or Steinberg 'Virtual Studio Technology' (VST) effect plug-ins.

SoundMexPro - The professional tool for multi-channel input/output and real-time processing of audio signals in MATLAB® and GNU Octave

SoundMexPro is a powerful tool for sound applications in MATLAB® and GNU Octave. SoundMexPro turns your MATLAB® or GNU Octave applications into a virtual recording studio or low-latency I/O DSP engine.

SoundMexPro is specifically designed to realize complex acoustic measurement tasks (psychoacoustics, physical acoustics, neurophysiology) with its MATLAB® object-like interface.

The advantages of SoundMexPro

  • multi-channel ASI interface with low latency
  • Unlimited number of virtual audio tracks with real-time mixing and editing
  • VST plug-in interface
  • real-time MATLAB®/Octave script plug-in interface
  • real-time access to recorded data
  • low-latency I/O and real-time processing
  • Graphical user interfaces for mixing and track control

You can try SoundMexPro for free: download the fully functional demo version from the download section. All features are presented in the detailed tutorial and some typical applications are shown in the extended examples that come with SoundMexPro.

For a list of some references please click here.


SoundMexPro offers a wide range of features for audio processing with MATLAB® or GNU Octave, including a virtual recording studio and real-time, low-latency signal processing. For information on technical requirements, see the Technology section.
The Applications section shows a description of some advanced applications with SoundMexPro. The main features of SoundMexPro include:

  • Multi-channel audio playback and hard disk recording with sample accurate synchronization of all channels.
  • Unlimited number of virtual audio tracks (virtual recording studio).
  • Real-time mixing and editing of virtual tracks
  • Level control for tracks and channels.
  • WPlayback of multiple file formats and MATLAB®/Octave vectors.
  • Sound "add" mode: new audio data can be added at any time while the device is already playing (e.g., for online stimulus generation).
  • Access to recorded data while the device is recording (e.g. for online evaluation).
  • DSP plugins for real-time signal processing:
  • Script-based plugins: block-by-block processing with user-defined MATLAB®/Octave functions called "on-the-fly" for each sound buffer.
  • Support for Steinberg "Virtual Studio Technology" (VST) effect plug-ins.
  • File-to-file operation for testing plug-ins or processing audio data as quickly as possible
  • Ultra-low latency I/O (up to ~4 ms): mapping of recorded data to multiple output tracks with optional signal processing by plug-ins.
  • Threshold-controlled recording
  • Real-time visualization of track (audio) data
  • Real-time visualization of levels and spectra
  • Mixer GUI
  • Xrun (dropout) detection
  • Special command to 'highlight' MATLAB®/Octave buttons: Highlighting at desired playback 'positions' (for signal-synchronous user feedback).
  • Additional scripting application for using SoundMexPro without MATLAB®/Octave

You can test SoundMexPro for free: Download the fully functional demo version from the download area. All functions are presented in the detailed tutorial and some typical applications are shown in the extended examples that are shipped with SoundMexPro.

SoundMexPro Editions

SoundMexPro is available in four different editions that support different functions (see the function matrix below for details, and see the "Ordering" section for pricing information):

  • DThe Standard Edition supports all playback, mixing, volume control, direct I/O and recording commands (except retrieving recording data "on-the-fly"). DSP plug-ins are not supported.
  • The DSP edition adds the MATLAB®/Octave script-based DSP plug-in interface and commands to retrieve recording data "on-the-fly" in blocks during recording.
  • The VST Edition introduces the SoundMexPro VST host, which allows loading Steinberg "Virtual Studio Technology" (VST) effect plug-ins into tracks and/or input and output channels. You can develop your own plug-ins or use the wide variety of plug-ins available on the market - many of which are free.
  • VST+ Edition allows you to load the HörTech VST plugins that come with SoundMexPro.

The HörTech VST plugins cover a wide range of features, such as:

  • Fast convolution plugin with partitioned convolution. Apply long impulse responses with ultra-low delay!
  • FFT filter using "overlapped add" with "zero padding" with graphical user interface.
  • Hetero-dyning plugin
  • Advanced visualization plugin (level, spectrum, spectrogram)

The number of plugins is growing, plugin development on request is possible. A complete list of these plugins can be found in the corresponding manual HtVst-Plugins.pdf, which is delivered with SoundMexPro.


Edition Standard DSP VST VST+
All commands for playback (including virtual tracks) , mixing, volume control, direct I/O recording, visualization...
Commands "recbufsize" and "recgetdata" to retrieve recorded data on-the-fly (while the device is recording)  
MATLAB®/Octave script-based DSP plugin interface and corresponding commands "pluginsetdata" and "plugingetdata".  
VST host for loading Steinberg "Virtual Studio Technology" (VST) effect (DSP) plug-ins on tracks, input and output channels.    
Loading special HörTech VST plugins that come with SoundMexPro.      


If your question is not answered in the manuals or FAQ, please contact our support by sending an email to

Please always include the following information:

  • A small MATLAB®/Octave script demonstrating your problem.
  • SoundMexPro version and edition
  • MATLAB® / GNU Octave Version
  • Microsoft® Windows® version
  • Manufacturer and model of the sound card

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