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We help people hear better

With its audiological products, services and research projects, Hörzentrum Olden-burg gGmbH improves the technology of hearing systems and the provision of hearing systems to people with hearing impairment. As a partner in the Hear-ing4all cluster of excellence, we translate the results of basic university research into customer-oriented services and products – always with the people in mind. In this way, we ensure the application-oriented transfer of knowledge to clinics, in-dustry and hearing care professionals.

Hörzentrum Oldenburg was created in 2021 from the merger of the companies HörTech gGmbH and Hörzentrum Oldenburg GmbH. It combines 25 years of ex-perience in the development of audiological measurement and fitting procedures, evidence- and user-based evaluation studies, and counseling for people with hear-ing impairment. At the same time, the Hörzentrum Oldenburg is firmly anchored in the region. Over 2000 committed test persons from Oldenburg and the sur-rounding area make a significant contribution to our research work through their support. This network of volunteer supporters, which is unique in the world, makes a quick and targeted selection of test persons for audiological studies pos-sible.

As an affiliated institute of the University of Oldenburg, Hörzentrum Oldenburg cooperates with a worldwide network of partners from science and industry and provides impulses for the development of audiological methods.

The mission “We help people hear better” motivates more than 50 colleagues to give their best every day. Hörzentrum Oldenburg stands for strong values and principles that are lived out in its daily work. As a non-profit company, we also rely on the trust of our institutional supporters as well as private donors. Only in this way can we continually develop new approaches in hearing research and pur-sue innovative ideas to improve the quality of life of hearing-impaired people and their families. It goes without saying that Hörzentrum Oldenburg operates sus-tainably and handles the funds entrusted to it responsibly.

As a strong, family-friendly employer in the region Hörzentrum Oldenburg ena-bles mobile and flexible working conditions. All activities are based on a high ethi-cal standard, which is also visible in our scientific work and evidence-based stud-ies. Human dignity, social justice and solidarity influence the selection of our part-ners and suppliers and determine the way we work together. The meaningfulness of this work is reflected in the result – the improvement of hearing as a basis for an increase in the ability to communicate, participation, and quality of life for all people.

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